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Settlement of claims for non-material damages

  /   Settlement of claims for non-material damages

Settlement of claims for non-material damages resulting from death or bodily injuries and payment of compensations from the Fund for Uninsured Motor Vehicles of the Guarantee Fund

І. Filing a claim
ІІ. Necessary written evidence (documents) when filing a claim under Motor Third Party Liability Insurance
ІІІ. Necessary written evidence (documents) when filing a claim under accident insurance for public transport passengers
ІV. Evaluation of damages and determining the compensation amount
V. Decision on a claim and payment of compensation for material damages

І. Filing a claim

  1. The injured person must submit a written application (notice) claiming compensation for non-material damage. The claim form is standardized and can be downloaded here.
  1. The application (notice) must be accompanied by written evidence (documents) about the road accident, the right of the injured person to receive compensation in connection with the event and the amount of damage caused. See below!
  1. Complete and accurate data need to be provided about the bank account to which the payments are to be made – a certificate or another document containing these data.
  1. The injured person may submit a application (notice), together with the written evidence:
  • Personally
  • Via proxy, in which case the application (notice), an original power-of-attorney must be enclosed, with a notarized certification of signature, if such a proxy is a person other than a lawyer. When filed by a lawyer, the provisions of Art. 25 of the Bulgarian Bar Act shall be applied. The power-of-attorney needs to specify the powers, assigned by the injured party to the attorney, to file claims for payment of material damages with the Guarantee Fund.
  1. The application (notice), together with the written evidence may be submitted:
  • Directly to the Guarantee Fund – at the Fund office or via registered mail with receipt acknowledgment.

       The Guarantee Fund address is: city of Sofia, PO box 1000, 2, Graf Ignatiev street, floor 4


  • To any insurer offering compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance, respectively compulsory Accident Insurance for Passengers. The Insurer submits all documents on the filed claim to the Guarantee Fund within 7 days from its filing.
  1. Filing the claim at the Guarantee Fund registry
  • The application (notice) along with the list of all enclosed evidence are filed in a registry as per the internal regulations of the Guarantee Fund. Every claim so entered is certified by being assigned a registered entry number by the Guarantee Fund clerk and a Damage File (Liquidation Dossier) is opened under an individual number in the damage registry, relating to the application (notice) entry number.