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  /   The Guarantee Fund takes part in an information campaign "Safe on the road with an electric scooter"

The Guarantee Fund takes part in an information campaign "Safe on the road with an electric scooter"

13 November 2023

With the increasing use of electric scooters, the topic of road safety when driving them is becoming particularly topical and urgent to address. According to the Ministry of the Interior, the number of road accidents involving electric scooters is increasing intensively. As of May 2022, in the six largest cities of the country, their number was 74, in 2021 there were 25 accidents, in 2020 the number was 13, and in 2019 - 3. In 2018, there were no such incidents recorded.

The campaign "SAFE ON THE ROAD WITH AN ELECTRIC SCOOTER" comes in response to the growing public need for better awareness on the topic. The organizers are the Association of Bulgarian Insurers (ABZ), the National Police - Ministry of Interior and the Guarantee Fund (GF).

The aim of the initiative is, by providing practical information and advice, to stimulate a culture of responsibility among users of this type of vehicles, who are mostly young people. The initiative will include the distribution of a safety tips video, a digital brochure and a digital campaign. The materials have been provided to the Ministry of Education and Science for distribution to schools across the country so that they reach more young people.

"Improving road safety is one of the top priorities of the Guarantee Fund, so we actively support a variety of such initiatives. The topic of safe driving of electric scooters is becoming more and more relevant with their growing use and with the campaign we hope to contribute to building a responsible attitude among people who use them and especially among young people" - said Maxim Kolev, Chairman of the Board of the GF, on the occasion of the launch of the campaign.

The campaign is part of a joint initiative at European level, bringing together insurance associations and institutions working in the field of road safety from 13 European countries. It is supported by Insurance Europe, the association of European insurance associations, and is included as an activity in the "Together for Children's Road Safety" initiative of the insurance associations of Central and Eastern Europe. With the support of the Austrian Road Safety Board, a video with tips for safe driving of an electric scooter has been produced for participants in common, with adapted language versions for the individual countries. The video was featured on Insurance Europe's news channels during this year's EU Mobility Week.