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  /   The Guarantee Fund supports the "Road Safety Days" initiative of the European Road Police Network ROADPOL

The Guarantee Fund supports the "Road Safety Days" initiative of the European Road Police Network ROADPOL

16 September 2023

For the eighth year, the European Network of Traffic Police ROADPOL is organising a Day without road deaths within the framework of the Road Safety Days between 16 and 22 September with the motto "Stay alive! Stay alive and save lives". This year, 20 September has been designated as a Day without Road Deaths, the aim being to promote the key message of reducing the number of victims of serious road accidents on the roads of Europe and our country. The activities of the traditional ROADPOL campaign are combined with the activities dedicated to the European Mobility Week from 16 to 22 September. Keeping the tradition from the beginning of the campaign in 2016, the Road Safety Days for the Republic of Bulgaria - 2023 are held under the patronage of the Minister of Interior, with the National Coordinator being the General Directorate of National Police.

Improving road safety and preventing motorists from driving without MPTL insurance are among the top priorities of the Guarantee Fund. In order to support these socially important objectives, the Guarantee Fund annually provides up to 5% of budget of the Fund for uninsured vehicles to the  Ministry of the Interior to be used used for provision of technical equipment for road safety control.

On the occasion of the Safety Days, the Guarantee Fund and the Association of Bulgarian Insurers run a digital campaign aimed at encouraging people to think about the risks on the road and how they themselves can contribute to reducing road accidents.

The Guarantee Fund invites its members and all interested individuals and organisations to join the European Day without Road Deaths initiative. More information can be found on the ROADPOL SAFETY DAYS website.