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  /   Maxim Kolev, Chairman and CEO, for BNR: "Let`s be responsible to ourselves and others"

Maxim Kolev, Chairman and CEO, for BNR: "Let`s be responsible to ourselves and others"

18 November 2023

Safety when driving electric scooters and how to protect ourselves and others were the topics of conversation in the interview of Maxim Kolev, Chairman and CEO of the Guarantee Fund, for the Bulgarian National Radio. The occasion was the recently launched campaign "Safe on the road with an electric scooter" with organizers Association of Bulgarian Insurers, National Police - Ministry of Interior and Guarantee Fund.

Maxim Kolev urged users of electric scooters to be responsible to themselves and others and to follow the safety rules when using them. He explained that at the moment electric scooters are normatively equated to bicycles, i.e. the same rules apply. The main safety recommendations for riders include always wearing a safety helmet, being visible on the road, being aware of the traffic situation, obeying traffic rules and signalling when manoeuvring on the road, always being concentrated when operating the scooter, not riding with other people, and parking in designated spaces.

Regarding the legal framework and insurance products for electric scooters, Kolev explained that there are currently no individual insurance policies on the market that cover the liability of the drivers of these vehicles. With the introduction of the 6th Motor Directive in Bulgarian legislation, and with the increase in the use of scooters, it can be expected that such products will be developed and offered by insurers.


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