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Request for reference

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The Information Center at the Guarantee Fund provides injured persons, in connection with their right to receive compensation, with information about the insurer and the MTPL insurance policy of the at-fault driver, when such information is missing from the document issued by the relevant competent authority for the event that occurred (protocol for a traffic accident, investigative report or other document).

If you are an injured person in a road traffic accident, you can make an inquiry at the Information Center of the Guarantee Fund regarding MTPL insurance and Accident insurance for the public transportation passengers.

In order to get the information, you should prepare a written application, in which you must indicate:

  • The exact date and place of occurrence of the insured event;
  • The registration number of the vehicle or other information that is useful for the vehicle identification (if known)

To the application, you must attach a copy of a road traffic accident report, investigative report or a certificate prepared by the authorities of the Ministry of Interior certifying the occurrence of a road accident, from which you are an injured person. If you are an heir, also attach a copy of the certificate of heirs.

You can make the inquiry in person or through a person authorized by you, who is authenticated by a notarized power of attorney.

Download a form of Request for reference