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Guarantee Fund Management

  /   Guarantee Fund Management

The Guarantee Fund is managed by the following bodies:

  • Council of the Guarantee Fund
  • Management Board
  • Two Executive Directors

Members of the Council of the Guarantee Fund

The Council of the Guarantee Fund shall include all insurers required to make contributions to it. These are the insurers that offer the compulsory motor third party liability insurance, accident insurance for public transport passengers, border insurance. Life insurance companies are also members of the GF Council, contributing only to the Security Fund. 

Members of the Guarantee Fund Management Board

The Management Board of the Guarantee Fund has 7 members:

  • Mr. Maxim Kolev, Chair
  • Mr. Stefan Stoilkov
  • Mr. Plamen Shinov
  • Mr. Yuri Kopach
  • Mr. Petar Avramov
  • Mr. Konstantin Velev
  • Mr. Plamen Yalamov

Executive Directors

The Guarantee Fund has two executive directors who jointly represent it and manage its day-to-day operations.

The executive directors of the Guarantee Fund are:

  • Mr. Maxim Kolev
  • Mr. Stefan Stoilkov

Mr Stefan Stoilkov was elected as Executive Director, who to exercise the powers of the Guarantee Fund severally and to represent it as a assignee in bankruptcy in case of insolvency of an insurer or reinsurer.